Monday, 30 December 2013

Laughter ... the Holy Grail of Greatness

This week was great! Thank you all for the gifts and cards that were sent :)
I really do appreciate the time, thoughts and effort that has gone into what was sent :)

So this week honestly felt weird because there was so much "time off" that I almost didn't feel like a missionary and this coming week isn't gonna be that normal either :P 

So Monday was half p-day because we get so much time off and so we just napped :) That was great :)

Tuesday was Christmas Eve and we went to Mavis's for tea and then were in the flat at 6:00. We tidied the flat up so that it looked better and then we messed it all up again with the wrappings! We kinda celebrated German Christmas. Then we watched and sang to Tarzan and went to bed.  We are going to have schnitzel this week! Thank you for the gifts and support that has been given!

Wednesday was Christmas!  I got up and then we had Reeses puff cereal for breakfast  (from a member!  A box is like 7$ for a small one here) and then we went to Mavis's for the day. Throughout the day people were skyping home, we were watching movies like Hook, Its a Wonderful Life, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and Horton Hears a Who (we only finished hook though to the end) hahaha.  I got to talk to my family and it was great !  Hope that its not too weird.  But all in all, Christmas was great!

Thursday - Boxing day where it was treated as a p-day and so we took naps that day too  (I am starting to enjoy the naps). I feel a lot better after a nap. Oh and we worked out.

Friday - First normal day of work in a while and that was almost weird to have again. Elder M and I went beach contacting again and the wind was so strong that it BLEW ME OVER!  There were some really nice swells and I was DYING to go body boarding on them! Like tubular swells!

Saturday - We had a lesson with a less active and she just complained to us the entire time!  She said that she felt good after so I guess that helped her that we were able to be her sounding board.

Sunday - I gave a talk in Church yesterday.  I quoted Batman, Meet the Robinsons and said that life is not just butterflies and rainbows over the pulpit and guess what .. I GOT PEOPLE TO LAUGH! Thats a huge thing over here, its like the Holy grail of greatness!

Anyways, I have to go.  Its a short p-day again today so we're heading to the park.  
Have a great week!  Happy New Year!
Love you All
Elder Dotschkat

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