Monday, 16 December 2013

Twenty-six missionaries in one house ... CRAZY

Well hello :) Its me. :)

So this week was a lot of fun and a lot of work! The area is slowly but surely progressing. We are having so much fun in our new flat! Its so nice! I'm actually so excited in the morning to work out and things because we have space enough to spare. Well that was everyday except for thursday night....Let me explain the rest of the week first :)

Monday - P-day again and we were asked to go to Newcastle because it was zone P-day. Unfortunately it takes like two hours out of our P-day so I write letters on the train (sorry if they are messy). Anyways, while we were there we watched some weird anime movie that I couldn't figure out the plot or anything!  Just like any other anime movie for me! haha. It was called Spirited Away. Anyways, after P-day we went carolling to less actives and elderly members of the ward with Bishops family. THEY HAVE 5 KIDS UNDER 10!!! Its so fun! And crazy sometimes ! I love it!

Tuesday - I can't remember that much except we visited with Mavis for a long time that day. She is a truly wonderful lady. She cares about the missionaries like we are her own sons and feeds us so much. Everytime that we go there we discuss our lives and who we were before the mission and sing for her and Sarah (her CP foster child) . Its wonderful :) I love to sing. (I have been singing all day everyday this week in our finding)

Wednesday - My first official exchange! I went with Elder McGee into his area and Elder Mielacher and Elder Fischer went in ours. The best part of Wednesday was beach finding! We went to the North Sea because normally people when they are at large bodies of water and hearing the sounds of the waves they think more deeply and contemplate life. With this knowledge we went and had 5 fantastic conversations with people. They are all checking out . Its great :)

Wednesday NIGHT- CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY TIMES!!!! I thought that we were going to get kicked out of our new home or the cops were going to come because we had the mission tour Thursday and the WHOLE 2 ZONES slept at our flat (just the Elders of course :P). WE HAD 26 MISSIONARIES IN 1 HOUSE!!!! It was so fun and crazy! AND THE BEST PART WAS I WASN'T STRESSING OUT!!!! HAHAHAHA!

Thursday - We had the mission tour in York. I drove with the zone leaders down. It was great! We had McDonalds for breakfast and then listened to great music as we traveled down! The 1st counselor of the Area Presidency (Elder Kearen) came and talked to us . It was a fun time! I learned quite a lot. Especially about real intent and how if we want anything or to have things done in life, we must have real intent and be able to work for what we desire. Nothing comes easy and sometimes life is difficult but it will ALWAYS be worth it in the end :)

Friday - We had weekly planning again (yup! suprise suprise! hahaha my schedule doesn't ever really change :P) and after that we went finding all day! It was great! And we took time, WATCH THE VIDEOS! They are so great! In the evening we had ward coordination and it was interesting talking about our desires and what we need from the ward. The investigators of the other companionships are progressing very well :) My District is doing so good! Woot ! Young Gunz District !!!! (thats our name :P)

Saturday - I had District Leader Specialized training and that went very well. It was more of a council and how we can get the Zone to further the work. we also planned the Christmas talents that we are sharing. It is going to consist of (hopefully) a circus, Called to Serve rap battle and a capella songs :) After that we went to the birthday party of a recent convert who was JW so he has not had a birthday in 15 years! It was great to celebrate that with him. I had a huge burger :) Thats me! I LOVE MY BURGERS! In the evening we went to the Christmas Devotional :) I love Elder Russell M. Nelsons talk about peace. Its amazing how Heavenly Father answer our prayers and knows exactly what we need.

Sunday - Had church and it was so funny! Just things that the missionaries were saying and doing made me laugh so hard that I was nearly crying! After that we went back to the flat for lunch (I had this very nice shrimp and rice with a lovely coconut sauce and piri piri spice and honey all mixed together :) I am eating a lot healthier and because of that I am getting into better shape! I CAN DO A SIT UP!!!! Hahaha! Just kidding, I always could have but now I am seeing results with my work outs :) Its great having a German trainer.  In the evening we went caroling again with the members and it made me so happy to be able to brighten someones day with a little Christmas spirit :)

Well that was my week!
Can't wait to talk to you next week!
Take care!
Love you
Elder Zach Dotschkat

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  1. We look forward to your blog posts each week. Keep up the great job our boy! Christmas time is a great time to be a missionary 24-7! We are having lots of missionary fun here at home too! We are so happy you happily engaged in Heavenly Father's work. May you continue to be bless in all you do!