Monday, 9 December 2013

Sick missionaries are no fun :(

Well, weather back home sounds like it sucks! Hahahaha …  NO SNOW HERE :P!!!!! I'm actually laughing really hard. It's weird, almost Christmas and NO SNOW! 
On Monday we went to Newcastle and had p-day! We watched Despicable Me 2!!!! Then we took the train for 2 hours and met our 72 year old recent convert. Apparently this was the first time that a lesson went under an hour or so! He has so many questions. He is quite a funny old man :)

Wednesday was my first DDM and I was so nervous. My goal is that our District becomes more of a brotherhood and that we love each other and rejoice with each other just as the Sons of Mosiah. So we showed pictures of our families and really got to know one another. After that we had IKEA lunch (hot dogs, meatballs, fries and gingerbread milkshakes) and moved into our posh new flat!!!!!! ITS HUGE!!!! I will send pics next week. Then the Zone Leaders took us to dinner at a nice place called NANDOS :) It was really good! Until the other set of Elders (McGee & Fischer) were sick all night. Elder Mielacher and I took care of them :)

Thursday- BLESSINGS FROM HEAVEN!!! I NEARLY CRIED I WAS SOOOOOOO HAPPY!!! I was exhausted in the morning because of taking care of the other elders (ps- thanks mom & dad for taking care of me when I was sick  :)) . We then got a call from the zone leader saying that the weather was too bad and that President said to not proselyte that day. The wind was tearing rooves off of houses!!!! WOAH!!!!! Like our 1800's (I think) house was shaking but sturdy :) So because Elder Mielacher and I wanted to be effective, we moved what we could from the old flat (in our large suitcases) to the new flat. Elder McGee and Fischer were out for the COUNT! They were so sick! hahaha :) That evening I made dinner for the flat (consisted of pizza and fries :P) but I am proud of myself! hahaha. Anyways, t'was a good day!

On Friday we went finding all day and really got to know Elder Milacher a lot better:) He is such a great chap! Quite a quiet guy, but nonetheless a true missionary. He has his heart in the right place and we are very much alike (except I'm not quiet :P) hahahaha. Um.......Friday was a good day of bonding with my companion :) OH! BEST PART: HE LIKES FOOD TOO!!! AND NOT ALERGIC TO ANYTHING!!!!

On Saturday we had ward correlation and our ward mission leader is quite good. He just recently returned from his mission in Australia and so he knows how missionary work is moving forward in the world. He has very good desires and makes sure that what we need from him is met. That evening we had Mavis (kings dinner lady :)) She is really wonderful :) We have actually been invited over to her house for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day!  (thats when I will skype home- further updates to be said later)

Sunday was pretty good...I am not gonna lie though, I was a little cranky because I was HUNGRY! Hahahaha...Anyways, the talks were great especially a sister in the ward talking about trials and how life trials are like driving through a tunnel. Soon you have complete darkness that surrounds you, then as you keep going, having faith, little bits of sunshine are let in. At the end of the tunnel you emerge into a beautiful vista showing Gods blessings for you. That evening we made steak COVERED in Cajun spices!!!! SOOOOOO GOOOOOD!!!!!!

Well thats my week!
Elder Dotschkat

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