Monday, 9 June 2014

Its raining so much I might grow gills!

Hello there!
So this week was great! It was one of personal development for each of the members of the district and because of the spirit we are now more dedicated to the work and to the people that we interact with!

So I told you all about my CRAZY Monday! It was great!

So then Tuesday guess what! Everything cancelled and we were in the rain! We had a great day of getting to know one another though, it makes me happy to be able to talk openly with my companions and be able to build the friendships that will last a life time. I know that sometimes I am miserable to be around but I am grateful that I can have a companion to make me goofy! We laugh quite a bit! In the evening we had a tea appointment with a member that is a widow and it was a sobering experience to once again realize the need and blessings of the plan of salvation! It makes my heart have courage to know that there is more after this life!

On Wednesday my companion was nearly dying of sickness >:( It seems like this flat is cursed! People that don't ever get sick on their mission always get sick in this flat. It gives a lot of time for their companions to think and ponder. So that's what I did all day after district meeting (which was in the flat!) I sat at the kitchen table listening to music that would uplift me and it definitely brought the spirit to my heart. Throughout the day I read my scriptures, cleaned the flat and wrote some letters home! Fathers day letters are on their way! Then I made some Chinese food (spicy noodles) for Elder Koojiman to kill all of the sickness that he had! It definitely cleared his nose though! Maybe a little too spicy!

Thursday was pretty great! In the morning we were blessed to have a lesson with one of our investigators at a members home and again watch the Prophet of the Restoration movie. It was great to feel the spirit and be able to recognize and testify of the truth of the message that we share with people. It was a wonderful spirit of peace and truth within that lesson. Anyone that has not seen that video should watch it to strengthen their testimony of the restoration. After that we went to the flat and made some sandwiches for the other elders and went to service. On the way the sandwhiches got all mixed up and it was really gross! BBQ sauce, cheese, peanut butter and jam all together with some lunch meat :P GROSS! lol but they ate it anyways!

We then had a lesson with Lynn about the gospel of Jesus Christ and how it blesses those who follow it. I have seen my life change everyday this week from learning more of the gospel. After that we split up to go to 2 lessons and as I was waiting for my ride to come and get me I was like "a frog in a frying pan" (as L says) I was so nervous and antsy and uhg! I never thought that I would get to this "akward missionary" phase.....well......I guess I just needed to be a missionary to get to that because I was already akward! hahahahahahahah I'm growing into it and into who I am! :) God made me the way that I am and loves me for me! lol

So when my ride finally got me we went back to their house to teach George! The guy that came and got me was the Elders Quorum president (George's brother). When we went there it was great because we just had a lads night! We ordered pizza and then we talked about the restoration and George said that he might want to be baptized at the end of the month! After the lesson their dad came home and we played game called Spoons with them and that was great fun! When I returned to the flat Elder Koojiman said that Alexandra had a great lesson, that she wants her family to be taught and that she wants to get baptized at the end of the month as well! 

Transfer calls are Saturday night and I really hope that I stay to help these wonderful children of God more and see their baptism!

Friday the ZL came to weekly planning and we had a great chat with them! We were told that there is now a competition from our mission president saying that whoever gets the first picture of their companionship in the back of a Rolls Royce Phantom that he will take them out to dinner! So now we are talking to almost everyone about where we can find one! Anyways, later in the day we had a great lesson with Rob & Jackie!  They opened up to us and he let me play his electric guitar! I forget the kind but it was nice once again to pluck the strings and hear some music from home! 

Saturday was good, had a meeting in the morning in which we discussed the needs of the zone and how we can help the mission become better. Lately there have been many rules that have been put out and some missionaries are getting stressed with all of the more restrictions and so we discussed how to help the missionaries understand the blessings of obedience to these rules and how when we do that it supports our priesthood leader! After that meeting we went home and it POURED! There were warnings for the area about excessive rain and I must say that they definitely were needed! As we got into the train station it just chucked it down on the roof and it was so loud that we could not hear each other speak! Then we saw some pirates.....or rather people dressed as pirates!  When we got home we just worked in the rain!  GREAT!  I think I might grow some gills soon if it doesn't let up lol

Sunday was pretty good! We had correlation in the morning, we sat with Alexandra and her fellowshiper Beth during church and then had a good lesson in priesthood! I understand more now the need of being obedient to mission rules and supporting our leaders.

So that's my week! I hope that you all are well and HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!!!!

Love you
Elder Dotschkat

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