Monday, 23 June 2014

Farewell Elder Simon

So lets get down to business!

This week was a slow/fast week. I can't tell my feelings on it lol

So Monday was DDM! Yeah buddy! Elder Simon instructed on how to enjoy our missions day by day. The biggest thought that I had was WHY? Why do missionaries come on their missions and are they out here for the right reasons? The biggest thing that I learned was that we all go through periods of time asking why and we must have faith that these questions will be answered in time. We might not understand what the reasons for things are but when we trust in God, there will always be an answer to the question! The reason that I am here is because I know that God loves me and that he has a son who loves me more than I can completely comprehend.

Tuesday we went to Royal Evitt family's house and had a great P-day with them! We just had a BBQ all day, played with the kids, ate the food and just had a great time to talk about the gospel with them :) They are such a lovely family and good people. In the evening we went over for tea with President Pilkington's good friend (former mission President and Stake Patriarch) for tea. We had a great discussion on the priesthood and what power it has. Just think for a moment what it means to you.. It is the power of God given to man to bless his children. Simple.

Wednesday was a teary eyed transfer day. Elder Simon has been the big brother that I have always wanted. I will miss him but I know that he goes to the land of eternal P-days! hahaha  In the evening we then went and did service all day and got down to the dirt! I love working hard and sweating … its great!

Thursday the biggest thing that I learned was honesty. We had an opportunity to "bend" the rules and still be safe within reason and we deicided that exact obedience is nessescary for the blessings of heaven to be poured out upon us. So in the end, we may have missed a once in a lifetime experience but we have clear conciences before God.

Friday we met with Alexandra and were able to just be friends and listen to her needs. It suffices me to say that I am eternally grateful for the commandments of God and the protection they give to us.

Have a good week!
Love Elder Dotschkat

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