Monday, 30 June 2014

A win for Netherlands, a baptism and a Kebab-tism

Hello Family, Friends (and biped acquaintances - lol I'm weird I know!)

Anyway, I had a great week!

Monday - Got a haircut, watched Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 on the big screen at the Royal Evitt family's home and then watched the Netherlands game! YEAH BUDDY!!!!! It was fantastic! Then we had a great lesson with George about faith and illustrated it with the trust exersize, defined the difference between belief ,faith and knowledge!

Tuesday we went finding the entire day! KNOCKING IN THE RAIN!!!! All the RMs know what that means! hahaha I got a lot of points that day lol Then we prepared our instruction for Zone training on why the sabbath day is important.  So that was great!

Wednesday we had zone training with President! That was entirely nerve racking because we were standing up in front of 30 people and our president :S That day I really learned what it meant to trust in God, trust in our companions and trust in ourselves! Then we went on exchange and I went to Meltham with Elder McGee! We had the car! WOOOHOO!!! (I didnt get to drive on the exchange but will today lol wish me luck! )

Thursday was a great solid day of village finding and we got in! Unfortunately the people didnt want to hear the gospel :S  Thats alright though!

Friday we drove back and it was We had our planning and then we had another day of finding because we have got dropped by Rob & Jackie's and so we are trying to find people to teach to replace them. That day we talked to a lot of Muslim people and it once again made me appreciate when people are truly invested in their faith.

Saturday we had finding all day again until the baptism in the evening..........Oh! Did I mention that it rained? Lol hahahaha, I like the cold water on my face but it sends shivers down my spine when it hits my scalp! In the evening was the baptism of the investigator of the other team and it was a fantastic service. We then KEBAB-TIZED Elder B at the flat and just had a great night laughing, singing hymns, talking about testimony and ........sad to say............TRYING to rap! Key word TRYNG!!!!! lol hahahahhahahaha

Sunday the best part was teaching Gospel principles and being able to liven it up by making people laugh! I love to make people laugh and appreciate when they understand my jokes because its pretty akward when you hear the cricket chirp...…lol

Life is great and my testimony grows greater every day !
Hope you all are well!
Take care!

The KEBAB-TISM of Elder B.

Me in front of the life sized game. Netherlands won! WOOT!!

The rolling hills of England (Manchester Mission border)

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